Julio Mitchel Workshop

He is focussed, demanding, brutally honest."... A. D. Coleman.


Learn how to tell a compelling story with your photographs.


This portfolio review and photography workshop is for the individual who regardless of technical skills - whether basic or advanced - asks: "What are my photographs communicating? Is my image successful? How do I know?"

An image that is technically perfect, but stops there –without conveying any thoughts or feelings– is just an illustration, a visual record; but not a true, meaningful statement. The purpose of this workshop is to assist you in making meaningful, storytelling photographs.

Although random, individual images will be considered, you are strongly encouraged to pursue a project with a theme or specific subject. This is the most effective way to sharpen and expand your photographic skills. 

As such, you are expected to bring 10 to 15 images from an already, ongoing project - regardless of subject or theme. If you are just beginning a new photography project and you are unsure of what to photograph, ask yourself, "What do I feel strongly about?". Then, DO it.

Noted photography critic, historian, and curator A. D. Coleman on Julio Mitchel's Photography and Teaching:

"His reputation in that [teaching] field is considerable, enough to warrant his inclusion among a handful of 'great teachers' in Norman Snyder's book The Photography Catalogue, in the company of such notables as Ralph Hattersley, Jerome Liebling and Robert Heinecken. I have watched him in the classroom. He is focussed, demanding, brutally honest... Mitchel's words are like his photographs - by turn, terse, impassioned, spare, lyrical, blunt, precise, eloquent."

We will then review and offer specific guidelines on how to plan, shoot, and edit in order to produce a meaningful and cohesive body of photographs... Both paper prints and/or digital format are welcome. Color and/or black and white. 

A 30 to 45 minute follow-up individual Skype session will be scheduled for  2-3 weeks later.

Dialogue among participants will not only be encouraged but expected. The give and take of honest, at times blunt, but always constructive criticism will be an integral core of our session. 

THINK: Motivation, Visualization, Editing, Sequencing… Honesty + Risk taking = PHOTOGRAPHY 

Along with my work, I will share books with projects by other photographers. Prior to our meeting, you are encouraged to see shows that we can then discuss.

Bring either: USB stick/disc to be viewed on my Apple computer, or on your own laptop. Paper prints, 11x14 inches maximum welcome too.

Due to the highly intense, individually tailored format of this one day workshop, participation is limited to 6 students. Early registration is advised.

Any questions, please contact

"I had the good fortune to study Photography under Julio Mitchel while attending the School of Visual Arts in New York. I learned how to talk and visually express my ideas from Julio. However, the most important lesson learned was the need to be relentless in pursuing your own vision and how to translate that vision into cohesive images within a story.

I still practice this lesson everyday, whether working on my independent projects or as a staff photographer for The New York Times."

Angel Franco. Staff photographer, The New York Times

"As a former student of Julio Mitchel you quickly learn that he is there to hone your skills and to be aware that seeing is all important. From the start he expects you to work and take your photography seriously. As you enter his class be sure to leave your ego outside the room, as the criticism of your work can sometimes bring you feeling very vulnerable, for this is not a picnic in the park. Julio has left his mark on me in that to see is paramount but to take a great photograph is essential."

Robert Goldstein. Photographer, London

"I studied Photography with Julio Mitchel for my 3rd and 4th years at The School of Visual Arts (SVA). It was a deeply informing experience for me. In a sense, he was the most significant mentor I had in my early evolution as a photographer. Julio is rigorous, principled, and utterly committed to Photography. He is challenging and perceptive as a whip. He reads photography, and people, with the scrutiny of an investigator hell-bent on finding the truth."

Steve Bollman. Photographer, San Francisco

" I studied Photography with Julio Mitchel at The Cooper Union in New York, and was immediately drawn to his passionate, heartfelt and very human approach. Although a painter, I learned more in Julio's class about how to question and hone in on what is truly important to me, than in any painting class I ever took. I left when I became aware that Photography would not be my speciality, but only after making a connection that would last a lifetime!"

Janine Roux. Artist, muralist and specialist decorator, London.


When: Please contact me directly via for upcoming dates.

10.30am - 5pm. (One hour lunch break)

Where: 127 West 26th St. NYC. (Suite 402, Alan Barnett Studio).

A follow up, individual Skype 30-45 minute session to be scheduled 2-3 weeks later.

Fee: $695.00 (Individual Skype session included)

Admission limited to 4-6 participants.

Please note: Again, I wish to emphasize that dialogue among participants is not only encouraged, but expected. The give and take of honest, at times blunt, but always constructive criticism is an integral part of the workshop.

Registration is on a first come, first serve basis – payment must be received 72 hours prior to scheduled workshop.

About Julio Mitchel

Working in the tradition of the documentary essay, Cuban born Julio Mitchel is the author of TRIPTYCH and DO YOU LOVE ME? monographs.

He has received two Major Artist grants from the National Endowment of the Arts. Among major art institutions his work is represented in the collections of the Museum of Modern Art, New York, International Center of Photography, New York and the Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington DC, as well as in private collections.

He is a former faculty member of The School of Visual Arts, The Cooper Union, and has taught numerous workshops and been a visiting artist at the Prague School of Photographic Studies, Czech Republic, the Museum of Ministry of Culture, Ecuador and the Camera Obscura Art School in Israel.

For comprehensive details, see Biography.

Julio Mitchel has travelled widely and photographed in Europe, the Middle East and the Americas. His teaching style is as straightforward and personal as his photographs.

Until we meet:

  1. Choose one theme or subject. Then, peel it like the layers of an onion.
  2. Be consistent.
  3. Be yourself.
  4. Respect your subject.
  5. Wear good shoes.
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